How to Choose The Right Wedding Dress: Tips from Karen Willis Holmes

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With so many new designs and dress styles coming into fashion, we’ve truly stepped away from the traditional white gowns our parents wore back in the day, so with all this choice how do you know what style wedding dress is going to suit you? The choices really are endless!

We sat down with the Jo Templin, Karen Willis Holmes Media Manager, to give our Bride & Her readers some advice on choosing a bridal gown and also what’s in store for the latest trends.

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Choosing the right gown can sometimes be daunting for a soon-to-be bride, what are your tips for choosing the right gown?

Listen to your stylist. She is the one that sees these dresses day in and day out on all types of bodies.

They know what works and this is why they are so good at their job! Let her know about your personal style and vibe of your wedding – as this is one thing she can’t guess. She needs an insight to your personality so she can match the right dress to the real you.

You also won’t regret wearing something comfortable so make that a priority!

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What about body shape? Are there certain styles that you would suggest for different body shapes and sizes?

We are seeing a big shift away from curvy girls wanting to hide their figure which is amazing and so refreshing!

They are getting their gorgeous curves out there in figure hugging shapes (like the gowns in our CURVE collection!)

Our all round shapes that suit many different body types are Anya, Fontanne, Cindy, Valencia, Bobby and Nikki. They create curves if you want them and they accentuate curves for ladies wanting to flaunt them!

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What are some of the Wedding Dress trends for the 2019/2020 bridal seasons?

Tulle capes in place of veils! They are stunning and so ephemeral for the bride that doesn’t want a veil…we have one dropping into our stores very shortly and can’t wait!

We are seeing the continuation of detachable trains – allowing brides to have a dramatic entrance and then have a second look without the price tag once you take off the train for the reception.

That being said, we are also seeing a rise in ladies wearing a second gown to their reception and our LUXE sequin gowns are just perfect for this! Who doesn’t want to be dripping in sequins as they dance the night away.

More and more ladies are also braving the scissors post wedding and re-purposing their gown into a cocktail length – perfect for your first anniversary!

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Do you think these bridal dress style trends can suit everyone?

Absolutely! We are all about timeless pieces for the fashion-forward bride. We aren’t driven by whats trendy ‘now’ but more what will be forever timeless and fashionable.

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Do you have any other tips for advice for those soon-to-be brides about choosing the right bridal gown?

Your gut will tell you what is right!

Go with that feeling and take a moment to sit back and enjoy the experience. Enlist a couple of your favourite people to help you that you utterly trust. Don’t go overboard with bringing a tribe to your appointments – this will end up confusing as at the end of the day.

It’s your gown and only your opinion should matter. If you fall in love and get butterflies- you have found the one!

Thanks so much for chatting to us today, We are looking forward to seeing this fabulous cape you’re releasing soon!

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