Stress Free Wedding Planning

Yay! You’ve got engaged, celebrated this momentous occasion and can’t stop looking at that shiny new ring on your finger. Then it hits you…

How do I plan a wedding? Where do I start? And what is this all going to cost? Your pulse starts to increase and the anxiety kicks in… where’s the wine!

Well, the wine can be taken advantage of, but the anxiety you can leave at the door. Yes weddings can be stressful but with good planning, you can really enjoy the experience of planning your ultimate wedding celebration and kick stress to the curb.

So where do you start?

stress free wedding planning

1. Start with Making Some Lists

Grab that vino and sit down with your hubby-to-be and start making some lists. Listing is a great way to get your initial ideas down on paper like potential areas you’d like to get married, a preliminary guest list, the style of wedding you’d like. Another important list to make is what are your priorities as a couple – do you want your wedding to be a small intimate affair? A large sit down wedding, a relaxed canape style dinner with a great party vibe? Music might also be important to you or you might be mega foodies, so starting to priorities the most important things means your creating a wedding that has meaning for the both of you.

These lists will help you start to narrow down your priorities and also help to rule out different venues and the size of your guest list.

2. Setting a Budget

Once you have down on paper your priorities as a couple,  it’s time to set a wedding budget and you can’t really set a budget without doing some research. The main thing you want to research is the venue as different venues have different price ranges. Other things you might want to research is the cost of your dress, catering, the photographer, flowers and hair & makeup – these costs add up quickly.

Once you’ve got an idea on pricing from your research you can start to piece together a ball part cost you’d like to spend vs what you can afford. This will allow you to allocate money to the things you as a couple have prioritised and will also show you where you need to get creative with some DIY activity for other less important things.

Sticking to a budget can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be if you’ve done your research. There are also some great ways to have a wedding on a budget, just head to Pinterest for ideas.

3. Get Pinning

Where would we be without Pinterest? Seriously? It’s such a great tool to get creative with ideas for your wedding.

Start my making your wedding boards and getting pinning, you’ll find some really crafty DIY ideas for couples on a tight budget and great inspo for your wedding dress, hair, makeup, flowers, pretty much everything.

4. Online Planning Tools

There are some great online planning tools and apps that can lower stress when it comes to planning your wedding, tools like the free WeddingHappy app that helps you keep track of your budget and gives you some great ideas you might not have thought of when it comes to planning your wedding.

how to plan a wedding

5. Get Your Delegation On

Your wedding is the one time you can take the Prime Minister Chair and delegate to friends and family. The number one thing that can stress out a couple or just the bride is if you try to take it all on yourself! Asking for help is a great way to take the stress levels down a notch, especially on the days leading up to and on the day of your wedding.

Ask Aunties to bake, get brothers out there setting up chairs, and get those bridesmaids onto the bonbonnieres! The best thing to do is make a list of all the tasks you’d be happy to delegate and check them off once they’re done, so your not stressing about what has or hasn’t been completed.

6. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Process

Finally, take the little moments with friends and family leading up to the wedding to appreciate all the special people in your life. Weddings are a celebration of love shared with the most important people dear to your heart, so don’t get caught up on the little things that might not got to plan and enjoy the memories.

What are some of your tips for planning a stress free wedding?

Photography credit: The Evoke Company & Mitch Pohl