Jon Harris Photography

A photographer whose passion lies in sincere and sustainable weddings

You know what gets me excited?

Meeting a fab couple who are getting married their way, with only their nearest and dearest along for the ride. This should include a puppy, and if you don’t have one – don’t worry, I’ll bring mine!

These weddings are often small, intimate gatherings. The focus is on the experience – enjoying time with loved ones, celebrating with quality food and drink (local and sustainably sourced where possible) – all in a beautiful location that authentically expresses you.

The connection I forge with my couples makes their wedding photos the easiest and most enjoyable part of their day! We all relax and have a great time, which results in natural, genuine wedding photos.

Does this excite you too? I hope so, because I think we need to forget the hype, the wastefulness and the pressure to get married the ‘right’ way that consumes so many weddings.

If you’re excited, then let’s chat.

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