Willow & George Cake Atelier

Custom Cakes & Desserts That Will Ignite Your Taste Buds

Here at Willow & George Cake Atelier we are more than just bakers, we’re designers. We take the up most pride is the design of your wedding cake that not only looks amazing but sets your tastes buds ablaze with delicious flavours.

We are happy to take all the stress out of your wedding day to set up your cake, ensuring everything is perfect with your centerpiece and surrounds, so all you need to do is arrive.

Choosing your wedding cake flavour is a big deal, especially for a cake loving bride. That’s why we have created cakemail, a small package of various cake samples sent straight to your door on a quarterly basis, or you can choose to come and pick them up here in Wollongong.

If you’re a sweet toothed bride and groom, we can also create your wedding favours. We create delicious short buttery biscuits, lusciously dotted with exceptional Australian Vanilla Beans. We decorate them specifically for you, to be cohesive across your event and complementary with the theme of the day 

If you love doughnuts (who doesn’t), we do doughnuts using a traditional recipe that’s been in the family for generations. We create old-school quality hand cut yeast risen doughnuts with actual chewiness and unbelievable flavour.

Speaking of recipes, we are totally obsessed with beautiful traditional recipes and have quite the collection! Creating delicate portuguese tarts, fluffy cupcakes, parisian brest, choux buns, you name it, we’ve probably made it.

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  1. Great Cake not so great with communication

    I ordered wedding cake last week. The cake was beautiful with delicious taste. I was talked to Chloe months ago before the wedding.
    Probably because she is really busy with her kids so as result not so easy to communicate with her event by phone.

    She has talent and every cakes she made was perfect, the business will keep going even bigger than now if she has GREAT COMMUNICATION with customers. Or maybe hire an assistant to help her replying email, etc.

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