Audio Connoisseurs with a Passion for Bringing Epic Sound to Your Wedding

Fear not, the antiquated DJ using outdated equipment along with a music catalogue from the dark ages. XYDJ have a vast and frequently updated selection of fresh tunes and will discuss your preferences and style in advance to ensure that everything is on point come your celebration.

They are specialists in weddings and events, with a knack for delivering custom audio solutions to the most unique of spaces.

Even if your dance floor is separate to where guests will be seated for dinner, as is the case at many of the fabulous South Coast venues, they’ll have pristine audio discreetly installed across all areas.

Ultimately their goal is to ensure that music and audio is something you never have to think about, because it’s all humming along smoothly while you enjoy what matters most – the company of your nearest and dearest.

Our role is so much more than just ‘DJs’, we’re more diverse on the ‘audio facilitation’ front, and we’re really proud of our equipment and approach, such as being able to continue with a full off grid Bose & Sennheiser rig at Merribee recently during an area wide blackout, and helping videographers achieve the highest quality audio recordings for their vids – they all love us!

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